The Beginning...
The Dream - Over thirty-four years ago Kathleen Forte and her fiance Bill Cooper visited Dallas for the day.  They went into a quaint bakery near the SMU campus on Mockingbird Lane...the bakery was stocked with artisan breads and French pasteries.  Baskets were piled high upon shelves which lined all of the walls...Kathleen said, "someday I am going to have something just like this."

Well thirty years later, a retired Nurse Practitioner and her husband of over thirty-three years... empty-nesters, surviving the rearing of four children, decided to embark on their collective Mid-Life Crisis...Forte Grove was born!

The mission was defined...they visited and worked in several artisan bakeries...from San Francisco, California to Long Island, New York.  Kathleen acquired special skills by studying Artisan Breads at the French Culinary Institute in New York City, and embracing Tuscan Cuisine and Baking at Toscana Saporita, in the Tuscan Region of Italy.

In late 2008, they began construction of their bakery.  It opened in Spring, 2009.  The Artisan Bread Business in South Louisiana may never be the same!

How wonderful is life when you can enjoy what you do with your friends and neighbors.

Forte Grove
24430 Ory Avenue
Plaquemine, Louisiana   70764
888.491.9253  FAX